Grants for part-time learners


Siew-Yue Killingley

Siew-Yue Killingley, May 2012 © Donald Dixon 2002

18 or over and studying part-time in the field of arts or humanities, languages, linguistics, literature or music in the North-East?
Would you like to study any of the above subjects whether provided by an institution or an individual teacher ?

We aim to help you with course fees or books and materials.

We would like to help you

A change of circumstances preventing you attending your course ?

Transport problems, child care needs ?

We can help you with a Siew-Yue Killingley grant.

Talk to us.

The S. Y. Killingley Memorial Trust (Registered Charity No. 1111891) was founded by friends of Siew-Yue Killingley (1940-2004).
It supports part-time learners in the arts and humanities in the North-East of England.