How we select applicants

Siew-Yue in her garden

Siew-Yue in her garden, © Dermot Killingley 1978

How do we choose people to give grants to?

We have a panel of Selectors with experience in education, who are volunteers like ourselves. The Trustees will consider what sort of course you propose to take, the use you have made of your opportunities, your suitability for the course, and the contribution you are likely to make to the community as a result of it. They will look at your application form and supporting letter first, and if they think the Trust can help you they will give you an interview.

The interview is quite informal, usually in the home of one of the Trustees. You will meet a few of the Trustees and Selectors, to talk about what you are aiming to do, what your needs are and how we can help you.

If they decide to give you a grant, one of the Trustees or Selectors will keep in touch with you.

For more detail, read our notes for applicants.