About the Trust

Siew-Yue in a teashop in Vendome, France

Siew-Yue Killingley in Vendôme, France, reflected (with Dermot Killingley) in the mirrors of a teashop

It was founded in memory of Siew-Yue Killingley (1940-2004), a dedicated teacher who was always attentive to the academic and personal needs and potentialities of her students. A fund was launched at a memorial service for Siew-Yue in All Saints’ Church, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, on 25th September 2004. The Trust was registered by the Charity Commission in 2005.

The Trust gives grants to help adults follow education courses in the arts and humanities in the North-East of England. Students may be taking evening classes provided by the WEA or another lifelong learning organization, or taking part-time degrees, or receiving individual tuition, for instance on a musical instrument. Or they may want to take a course that is full-time for a period of days, but not a whole term. They may need money for fees, for books, equipment or materials, or for travel to classes. Awards are made by members of our panel of selectors, who consider the applicants’ educational background, their financial situation, their previous achievement in relevant fields, and the contribution which they can be expected to make to the community. The aim is not to reward high-flyers, but to encourage and support those who have made good use of available opportunities, and who are likely to continue doing so. The Trust follows a Code of ethics, a Privacy policy, and a Conflict of Interest policy.

You can read about the Trust’s recent work in our annual review 2020-21.

Siew-Yue always took an interest in her students as individuals, and considered their individual needs. The S.Y. Killingley Memorial Trust aims to do the same. If you agree with these aims and want Siew-Yue’s work to live on, please read How can I help?. Most of the Trustees are friends of Siew-Yue, some of whom studied in her highly enjoyable classes. They include university and school teachers, and an artist with no background in higher education. The Selectors are people with a wide range of teaching experience, who share her devotion to helping adult learners of all ages and backgrounds.

Anything you tell the Trust about yourself will be treated in accordance with our Privacy policy.

Siew-Yue doing embroidery

Siew-Yue on holiday in Fraser’s Hill, Malaysia in 1964

Since July 2005 the Trust has provided funds to help:

A school leaver to buy an Arabic dictionary and grammar in preparation for a university course
Two overseas postgraduate students to take evening courses, one in German and one in Dutch
Two unemployed people to follow WEA courses, one in literature and one in painting
Several part-time postgraduate students to continue their studies in literature and creative writing
A retired person in the South of England to take a distance-learning course in French based in Northumberland
A teacher of English to speakers of other languages to buy books for a Certificate in Education course
A music teacher to start a part-time postgraduate course in composition
A music graduate to continue a course of advanced piano lessons
A singing student to take part-time courses in preparation for a professional course
A wildlife conservationist to start a course of flute lessons
A university language student to take lessons in lindy-hop dancing
A dancer to take a degree in professional dance practice
Several signers to take advanced courses in British Sign Language
Several refugees to take a course in interpeting

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