Apply for a grant

Siew-Yue in France

Siew-Yue on holiday in the flat she rented each year in Tours, France. © Dermot Killingley

Are you aged 18 or over?

Are you wanting to take a part-time course or already taking one? Or do you want to take a short course that is full-time for a period of days?

Is the course in language, literature, music, or any other arts or humanities subject?

(it may be a part-time degree or diploma course, a community education course, or one-to-one tuition, so long as it’s part-time, or else lasts for a period of days, not a term or more)

Do you live in the North-East of England? That’s Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, County Durham or Teesside. If you do, we may be able to help you even if the course is elsewhere.

Is the course based in the North-East of England? If it is, we may be able to help you even if you are living elsewhere and taking a distance-learning course, or a short course.

Is it difficult to find the money for course fees, books, equipment, materials, travel or child care?

If your answer to all these is “Yes”, then we’d like to help you.

We are especially interested in anyone wanting to study one of Siew-Yue’s own subjects: Chinese or any other language, linguistics, literature or music.

How and when do I apply?

Siew-Yue playing the flute

Siew-Yue Killingley in St George’s Church, Morpeth, 2002, playing the flute music by Roderick Oakes written for her Northumbrian Passion Play. © Donald Dixon 2002

You can apply at any time of year. There is a simple two-page application form which asks who you are, what you want to study or are already studying, and why you need help, for instance with fees, books and materials, transport or child care. We also ask for a letter of support from someone who can vouch for the information you give.

You can get the application form in pdf here. (We do not accept applications on-line or by e-mail.)

Or you can contact us asking for an application form and giving your postal address. Or ring 0191 285 8053.

If you receive a grant, one of the trustees will be allocated to follow and encourage your progress.

Before applying, please read the notes for applicants which explain our awards policy.

Read more about how we select applicants.