creative writing student, writes:

mensahI discovered the S Y Killingley Memorial Trust while reading the ‘Acknowledgements’ section of a friend’s PhD. It was at a time in which I was struggling to pay PhD fees; I’d also only just returned to the course after taking a formal one-year interruption for personal and financial reasons; and I was considering whether returning to complete the PhD was a viable option at all.

Alongside the PhD, I work part time as a freelance arts practitioner. While this work is interesting, challenging and fulfilling, financially it is very insecure. Often project development and relationship building work takes place before funding is secured and there is no guarantee that funding will eventually be secured. Also, successful projects don’t necessarily result in future financial stability.

The grant I received from the S. Y. Killingley Memorial Trust last year provided invaluable support during a time when I was asking myself very difficult questions about the feasibility of completing the PhD. I am immensely grateful to the fund for its support.