Literary and educational writing

Siew-Yue’s many interests are reflected in the books she wrote or contributed to: poetry, drama, short stories, education and linguistics

The cover of Siew Yue’s Northumbrian Passion Play (Newcastle upon Tyne: Grevatt & Grevatt, 1999)

The cover of the Northumbrian Passion Play by Siew Yue Killingley (published by Grevatt & Grevatt, 1999), showing Albrecht Dürer’s engraving of the scourging of Jesus


    The Pottery Ring: A Fairy Tale for the Young and Old (Newcastle upon Tyne Community Relations Council, 1981).
    Where No Poppies Blow: Poems of War and Conflict (Grevatt & Grevatt, 1983).
    Hinduism Iconography Pack (with Dermot Killingley) (Grevatt & Grevatt, 1984).
    In Sundry Places: Views of Durham Cathedral. (Grevatt & Grevatt, 1987).
    Farewell the Plumed Troop: A Memoir of the Indian Cavalry 1919-1945 by D. M. Killingley (co-edited with Dermot Killingley) (Grevatt & Grevatt, 1990).
    Sound, Speech, and Silence: Selected Poems (Grevatt & Grevatt, 1995).
    Lent and Easter Cycle: Poems for meditation (Grevatt & Grevatt, 1998).
    Northumbrian Passion Play (Grevatt & Grevatt, 1999).
    Other Edens: Poems of Love and Conflict (Grevatt & Grevatt, 2000)
    Pilgrim’s Progress, by John Bunyan, Adapted as a Play, with Embellishments (Grevatt & Grevatt 2002)
    A Once-Green Vine: Poems of Joy and Despair. Grevatt & Grevatt, 2003.

Other publications

    ‘A Question of Dowry’ and ‘Everything’s Arranged’ in Twenty-two Malaysian Short Stories, ed. L. Fernando. (Heinemann Educational Books, 1968).
    Poems in Pepper and Incense: Poems from Northumbria, Ed. by K. Storey. (Warkworth: Parvis Books, 1982); What Big Eyes You’ve Got: Women Write about Grandmothers, ed. Kitty Fizgerald and Jan Maloney (Overdue Books, 1988); Poetry Marathon ’93, ed. Bryan John Allen (1993); Skoob Pacifica Anthology No.1: S. E. Asia Writes Back! (Skoob Books, 1993); The Spirit of the Cathedral (The Dean and Chapter of Durham Cathedral, 1983); New Christian Poetry, ed. Alwyn Marriage (Collins, 1990).
    Contributions to A Handbook of Hinduism for Teachers (with Dermot Killingley, Vivien Nowicki, Hari Shukla and David Simmonds) (Newcastle upon Tyne Education Committee 1980; 2nd edn. Grevatt & Grevatt 1983); The Lower School Assembly Book, ed. D. Self (Hutchinson Education, 1987).